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There is a need for a radar detector that can detect all the bands that are in use today. Escort radar which has a long history in the development of radar and laser detection is constantly developing radar detectors which are up to date with the latest technology. This company was founded in 1978, under the company name Cincinnati Microwave. In the earlier years, radar detectors could not detect multiple radar bands or filter false alerts but times have changed with the introduction of escort passport. Escort passport is developed by escort radar and has features which can detect multiple radar bands at the time and filter out false alert. In addition, it is also capable of locating the speed cameras, red light camera and helps you identify where the false alerts are coming from. Therefore, with escort passport you have the most intelligent radar detector which will allow driving without any worries.

There is a new technology in the market which operates at very low frequency making radar detectors outdated. However, Escort passport is developed with a technology that more advanced and very sensitive to detect even the low frequency. In the earlier years police used radar guns that only emitted signals in the X band but the introduction of more bands like k and ka led to other radar detectors obsolete. Escort radar has a feature that enable it to automatically adjust its sensitivity to either X and K bands. Therefore, you are guaranteed of detection whether you are driving in area where X or K bands are being used. Another very important feature is that it can reject false alerts of signals emitted by objects like door openers and security systems. In addition, an escort passport detector comes with a multiple threat feature which allows it to detect signal in the K and Ka band at the same time and display them both.

Escort passport radar detector has an audio alert which is very unique. Each radar band detected has its own distinct tone which makes it easy for you to detect threats.  Escort passport radar detector does not disappoint when it comes to audio alerts, it has an Auto mute feature which lowers alert tones volume after a period of time. This is the best detector in the market today as it has a built-in GPS unit. The GPS unit will enable you locate the position of hotspots. The GPS also maintains a database with the location of fixed speed cameras and red light cameras.

With this detector you will be able to control display brightness, automatic mute, power-on mode and audio tones at the LCD which acts as a menu system. It is also easy to get constant picture of the intensity of any band in the area you are. Additionally, the spec display displays the actual numeric frequency of any signal that is detected. If you are driving in an area where the use of radar detector is prohibited, escort passport has a feature that will alert you and at the same time shut down the unit’s oscillator.

Most of the reviews have ranked escort passport as the most accurate detector which will save you a couple of tickets. In addition, they have termed it as easy to use and it’s worth every penny you will spend.